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At Melbourne Youth Chorale, our volunteers are:

  • Members of the Board of Management
  • Supervisors in Rehearsals and Performances
  • Fundraisers
  • Music librarians
  • Uniform coordinators
  • Donaters of time and talents

The work of our volunteers underpins and supports every choir activity, from planning our strategic future, to turning sausages at a barbecue fundraiser.

Nicole Dalton, board member, is MYC's Volunteer Coordinator for 2021.  You can see Nicole at rehearsals or email her at manager.myc@gmail.com.

To join as a volunteer you must have a Working With Children Check with you, please Click the link below to fill your WWCC details. 

Click HERE to enter WWCC Details

Click HERE to download and complete the Feb 2020 Volunteers Survey